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Webinars and Resources to Help You Grow Your Child Care Business

Register for our upcoming webinars and access on-demand webinars featuring child care industry and software experts to help you tackle your biggest business challenges.

Upcoming Webinars

WEBINAR: The Secret to Overcoming Burnout as an ECE Leader
Join us on June 15th, 2022 @ 12:00 p.m. CT to learn how to help your staff overcome feelings of burnout with these unique time management strategies.

Presenter: Evelyn Knight, Founder of Childcare Business Professionals
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On-Demand Webinars

WEBINAR: Procare Early Learning powered by Learning Beyond Paper - What A 100% Digital Curriculum Can Do for Your Child Care Center
Learn how your center can benefit from an integrated curriculum.

Presenter: Learning Beyond Paper and Sarah Miller, Director at Ridge Kids Academy
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WEBINAR: The Need for a Complete and Integrated Child Care Center Management Platform
Learn about the benefits of an all-in-one platform for your center.

Presenter: Ryan Gwaltney, Vice President of Sales at Procare Solutions
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WEBINAR: A Leader’s Role in Managing Childhood Behaviors
[2022 Webinar Series] Culture, Community and Potential - Learn how to identify and effectively manage challenging childhood behaviors to help reduce stress in your staff.

Presenter: Prerna Richards, Founder and CEO of Together We Grow
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WEBINAR: The People Factor
[2022 Webinar Series] Culture, Community and Potential - Learn how you can make a direct impact on hiring and staff retention at your child care business by investing in “the people factor.”

Presenter: Caroline Jens, Founder and CEO of Child Care Biz Help
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WEBINAR: From Recruiting to Retention - Attracting Staff Who Will Stay
[2022 Webinar Series] Culture, Community and Potential - Learn the key components of an effective onboarding strategy to build a team that makes you proud.

Presenter: Beth Cannon, Early Childhood Business and Leadership Strategist
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WEBINAR: Get Your Child Care Center Ready for Tax Season
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Learn the ins and outs of preparing your child care business for tax season.

Presenter: Audra Wilson-Russell, Owner of MyAccountingCrew.com
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WEBINAR: 9 Reasons Why Child Care Businesses Are Thriving with Systems for Operations and Management
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Learn the foundational must-haves happy child care owners use for optimizing their organizational structure.

Presenter: Andrea Dickerson, Owner of IOwnADaycare.com
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WEBINAR: The Overwhelm Loop: Running Your Business So It Doesn’t Run YOU
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Learn how to approach your business with a “systems mindset” and how to be a more productive leader in any ECE environment.

Presenter: Kris Murray, President and Founder of The Child Care Success Company
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WEBINAR: How to Stop the Revolving Door of ECE Staff Turnover
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Learn tactics and strategies on how to better engage your staff, build your culture and optimize your operations.

Presenter: Tony D'Agostino, CEO & Founder of Inspire Care 360
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WEBINAR: Ways to Automate to Tackle Your Biggest Child Care Business Challenges
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Learn how to achieve a better work-life balance by working smarter, not harder.

Presenter: Monique Reynolds, Director of ECE Business Support Services at Quality Care for Children
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WEBINAR: How to Increase Parent Engagement at Your Center
Learn how you can optimize parent communications and build lasting relationships with the families you serve.

Presenter: Ryan Gwaltney, VP of Sales at Procare Solutions
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WEBINAR: The Communications Skills You Need to Navigate a Crisis at Your Center
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Learn crisis communication strategies you can use to support the safety and wellbeing of your business, staff and children.  

Presenter: Jason Russell, Founder & President, Secure Education Consultants
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WEBINAR: Never Ask “Where Did the Day Go?” Again with These Child Care Time Management Strategies
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Learn valuable time management strategies you can use to shift the balance of time toward more of the things you love.  

Presenter: Karen Foster-Jorgensen, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of ChildCareDirector.com
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WEBINAR: Child Care Pricing Myths Shattered: Secrets to Confidently Charging What You’re Worth
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Learn how you can gain clarity on your unique value in order to change the conversation from price to the transformational value you offer. 

Presenter: Kris Murray, President and Founder of The Child Care Success Company
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WEBINAR: Take Control of Your Child Care Business - A Guide
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Find out about key strategies you can use to address common challenges child care businesses face. And free up time to focus on what you love – spending time with the children in your care.

Presenters: Louise Stoney & Sharon Easterling of Opportunities Exchange
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WEBINAR: Marketing Your Child Care Center
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Hear how you can better market your child care business, plus get tools and strategies you can use to drive enrollment.

Presenter: Lauren Small, Owner of Early Education Business Consultants, LLC
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WEBINAR: Plan More, Worry Less: Financial Planning
Thrive in 2021 Webinar Series - Learn strategies for increasing revenue and reducing expenses for your child care business.

Presenter: Kathy Ligon, Founder & CEO, HINGE Brokers
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WEBINAR: Managing Safety & Security at Your Center in a COVID World
In this webinar, we will cover practical strategies that child care owners and administrators can implement to support the safety of their center.

Presenter: Jason Russell, Founder & CEO of Secure Education Consultants, LLC
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WEBINAR: FFCRA + FMLA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA)
Watch our webinar with Gusto to learn about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which includes emergency paid sick leave and expanded family medical leave for childcare needs.

Presenters: Will Lopez, Gusto's Head of Accounting Community, and Lydia Henke, Procare's VP of Human Resources
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WEBINAR: Optimizing Every Connection with Parents, from First Inquiry to Enrollment and Beyond
Learn ways you can optimize every connection with parents, from the first time they reach out all the way to enrollment – as well as every communication you have with them after that.

Presenter: Anna Mendoza, Procare's Customer Support Manager
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WEBINAR: Practical Ways to Manage Your OST Program When Nothing is Certain – A Case Study
Renee Elting provides a first-hand look at how she and her colleagues methodically addressed a mountain of unknowns to maintain program stability.

Presenter: Renee Elting, Oregon City School District
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WEBINAR: Child Care Business Hacks to Navigate a Down Economy
Evelyn Knight, the Childcare Business Coach and successful child care center owner, will provide some of her top tips for navigating a challenging economy to not only survive, but thrive.

Presenter: Evelyn Knight, Childcare Business Coach
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WEBINAR: 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing Child Care Management Software
Learn the 10 questions to ask when evaluating management software for your child care, early learning center, or preschool.

Presenter: Ryan Gwaltney, VP of Sales
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